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birthday party services

Balloons & Decorations


 children party balloon cluster   children party balloons



birthday party singapore





Types of balloons available:

Standard latex balloons

Pearl-sheen latex balloons

Printed latex balloons

Foil Balloons

Orders for latex balloons must be in multiples of 10

(Please do not release helium-filled balloons to the sky as they may become an environmental and ecological hazard)


children party banner


children party singapore banner        children party cut outs


 children party decorations    party decorations singapore




We can help put up balloons and other decorations (banners, cut-outs, mobiles, scene-setters, etc.) and decorate according to a particular theme.


Certain decorations may be rented if play equipment has been ordered as well.





Filled Goodie Bags


pirate loot box    

children party handbags


All our bags are custom-filled to suit the occasion and theme of the party, as well as the age range of the children.


Orders are generally taken in multiples of 8 and orders have to be confirmed at least 10 days before the event and fully paid at least 7 days before the event.




Filled Pinatas


children party goodie          

                         children party giveaway



Our piñatas are custom-filled with toys and good quality gummies/candy and we try to match the contents to the theme of the piñata as much as possible.


Piñatas that need to be broken with a bat are recommended only for children 6 and above.  For children younger than 6 years of age, pull-string piñatas may be considered.


Orders have to be confirmed at least 10 days before the event and fully paid at least 7 days before the event.




Food and Beverage Service Equipment


kids party desserts




Can hold up to 23 cupcakes/muffins


kids party cooler



Wheeled 50 quart cooler


Can hold up to 64 cans

Allows for upright storage of 2 litre bottles





Holding Capacity: 4 ¾ gal or 86 oz.


Dimensions: 42cm deep x 23cm wide x 61cm high



party food warmer singapore



Choice of single pan, 2 pans or 3 pans







Party Furniture




For ages 2 - 8


Seats 4 children per table if tables are not joined together. Themed tablecovers can be provided upon request, subject to availability at additional cost, otherwise chequered tablecovers will be provided.


Each table is 77 cm long x 55 cm wide



children party trestle tables



For food & drinks


Each table is 184 cm long x 76 cm wide x 73 cm high




children party banquet




For ages 9 to adult


Due to our busy schedules on weekends, we generally provide the above items and services only if play equipment has been ordered as well.


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